This History That Built Stockbridge

Exploring apartments in Stockbridge within Georgia, some interesting facts about the history or the city were surfaced. It is said that Stockbridge was named after, Professor Stockbridge, a Yankee school teacher, no one knew Professor Stockbridge’s first name. However, in May of 1992, the mayor of Stockbridge received a letter from a young man claiming that his great-great grandfather Levi was believed to be the Yankee Professor that Stockbridge was named after. Although there is no set evidence that Levi Stockbridge was the mysterious Yankee Professor that the city was named after, the dates and information fit the timeline.

The Stockbridge was granted a United States Post Office in 1847, with evidence of settlement as early as 1829. Stockbridge, GA officially becomes incorporated as a town in 1895, and twenty-five years later, in 1920 Stockbridge officially was incorporated as a city.

The Stockbridge, GA was also home to Mr. Martin Luther King Sr. Mr. King was born and raised in Stockbridge. Once he met his wife, he was encouraged to better his education and later went on to become a Baptist Pastor, a Missionary, and involved as an early leader in the American Civil Rights Movement. Mr. King and his wife then started a family of their own. You may better know one of Mr. King’s sons, Martin Luther King Jr or MLK. Although Martin Luther King Jr. is more widely recognized for his speech and involvement with the equality of races, Mr. King Sr. played an enormous role in the American Civil Rights Movement and the teaching and raising his son Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated and all but one daughter on Mr. King Sr.’s family has all passed away.

Joseph “Joey” Clanton; an American Stock Car Driver, Max Gresham; also an American Stock Car Driver, and Ricky Sanders; another American Stock Car Driver, all have roots in Stockbridge, GA. All three have raced in some NASCAR series race, with Max Gresham, and Ricky Sanders have run in the Nascar Truck Series.

And lastly for the NFL (National Football League) fans, in particular, the Seattle Seahawks, Number 51, outside linebacker, Bruce Irvin was born and raised in Stockbridge, GA. Stockbridge was home to many people who made history, or those famous for sports, movies or musicians. Stockton is a humble town, with a rich history and great communities. Stockbridge is located and known as “The Gate to Henry County,” and is conveniently located 20 miles from Atlanta, the state’s capital. Georgia is a great state to live in with the mild weather, tourist attractions, and close to sandy beaches. Stockbridge is full of rich history and knowledge for the entire family. There are several historical and beautiful apartments in Stockbridge Georgia. Whether you are looking for the deep rich history and community or you are looking for a quiet collective place to live, within miles of the state capital and the exciting nightlife. Stockbridge is ideal for raising a family.

Recreation in Stockbridge, GA

When considering relocation to a new area, recreational activities and fun or the family plays a huge role in decision-making. Searing for apartments in Stockbridge within Georgia, take into consideration the many different areas and neighborhoods within the city. Stockbridge is home to approximately 26,000 people; there are four main parks, a roller skating rink, indoor archery range, along with several other family-friendly places and activities throughout the year.

Memorial Park is home to music in the park during the peak season, April through October. The entire family can enjoy live music during the weekends at the park, Ole Stockbridge Days one weekend a year, in which craft vendors, food vendors, music and fun for everyone will be available. Ole Stockbridge Days is a fun and easy way to catch up with those friends you haven’t had time to speak to between work and the kids (if any). It’s a time to relax and have fun. Memorial Par4k is also the entry point for Reeves Creek Trail. Three miles of scenic path, concrete paved, running along the banks of Reeves Creek. The trail accommodates those who walk, jog, bike, stroll and much more. Whether you’re walking for fun or exercise, Reeves Creek Trail offers scenic, relaxing scenery.

Gardner Park, Municipal Park, and Clark Park are also located within the area of Stockbridge. All parks including Memorial Park, have pavilions available for rent. Family reunions, birthdays, baby showers, get together, or any other occasion can be accommodated with the pavilion rentals, equipped with picnic tables, garbage cans, and grills would make for a fantastic get together. The children can play on the play sets available, family fun outdoor activities may also be arranged in the large grassy areas surrounding the pavilion. The traditional family sock hop game, the volleyball games, horseshoes and more may be played during the get together you have planned. Each park is beautiful and has great scenery surrounding it. One of Stockbridge’s parks would be a great place to hold that event and capture beautiful photos as well.

Stockbridge offers a variety of outdoor and indoor recreational activities from the family favorite bowling, to those who are aspiring to be an archer, at the indoor archery lessons. There are several apartments in Stockbridge GA scattered throughout the city, in different neighborhoods. You have a choice if you want to live closer to a particular park, or school, you can find an apartment in Stockbridge GA that will best suit your needs. Stockbridge is also home to a branch of DeVry University and the Atlanta Baptist College as well. There is a wide diversity of areas, neighborhoods, schools, activities and more throughout Stockbridge, GA. Stockbridge has so much to offer it’s likely that you will find the right atmosphere you are looking for whether single, college student or family, you will enjoy the time you spend living in Stockbridge. From starting families and retiring, you will enjoy the time you spend in Stockbridge, GA.

Purchase or Rent?

Which is better: to buy or to rent? Many people are faced with the challenge of whether they are ready to buy a house or if they should continue renting. Several factors weigh in when making a decision; cost, location, size, distance from school or work, and the school district ratings and quality of education, as well as many others. Currently, the nation average for rent is $889 per month while looking for an apartment in Stockbridge GA; the average monthly rent is approximately $1,042 per month.

Now considering that is quite a bit of money per month for rent. Would it be cheaper to purchase a house instead? Now the $1,042 is just a city average. There are seven factors that weigh in on how much will be charged each month for rent including size, location, age, style, interior, school district and more. The question is, can you really afford the monthly rent with the income you or you and your family bring in each month. With renting a lot of time the minor utilities such as sewer, water and garbage may be included in the rent, however, you are responsible for the necessary utilities such as electric and gas. Along with the essential services, what other obligations do you have? Car payment? Insurance? Phone? Internet? And then you’re weekly spending on things such as gas, groceries, medical bills, etc. That can add up to be quite a lot of some people.

So let’s look at the facts about renting and purchasing a home. Some questions you may want to ask yourself include: Do you plan on staying in the area for an extended period? Do you have job security? Would you wish to raise a family here? Is the school district up to your standards for your children, if you already have kids or you may plan to have children? If you answered yes to these questions purchasing, a house would be more beneficial for you. A lot of time, the mortgage payment for a house is a lot cheaper than the monthly rent for an apartment in Stockbridge Ga. With your monthly mortgage payment, usually taxes and homeowners insurance are included as well.

Now if you answered no to those questions, you would probably want to rent an apartment in Stockbridge GA as you will not be forced to stay in the area and you can leave when your monthly lease is up, or if you have worked it out with the landlord. Now with purchasing a home, it is yours, you can upgrade what you want, paint the rooms, build more rooms, etc. The house belongs to you. You can make it feel a little more like home being able to put your touch on things, when renting you cannot make drastic changes to the place as you do not own it. It can just feel as if you are in a temporary place until you find that perfect location, with that perfect dream home. Stockbridge, has a lot to offer whether short term or long term. They are close to major tourist attractions, the history is rich and knowledgeable, and the school district teaches their best possible quality of education as well. Look at your options, find out which one is better for you. Which one will meet your budget, and which one will make you and your family happy?

Schools in Stockbridge, GA

When a person is considering relocation, there are numerous facts they look into when searching for apartment in stockbridge ga. Schools are an important factor to consider. Stockbridge has various public schools available to enrollment as well as ratings for each school. Whether the person looking to move to Stockbridge has children or plans on starting a family, parents and potential parents want to know about the school districts and quality of education their children will receive.

With numerous choices to choose from, the city rating of the school can help to decide which schools would be best for the children. Lorraine Elementary School, Pate’s Creek Elementary school, and Woodland Elementary school, are all rated a nine out of ten. While Pate’s Creek Elementary School and Woodland Elementary School offer Pre-K through fifth grade, Lorraine Elementary School offers kindergarten through fifth grade, no Pre-K.

For middle schools, Woodland Middle School and General Ray Davis Middle School rank eight out of ten, with both school teaching sixth through eighth grades. However, the high schools in Stockbridge have lower rating; some still offer an exceptional quality of education. Woodland High School is the highest ranking with a six out of ten rating, it is followed by Stockbridge High School with a four out of ten rating, and lastly Patrick Henry High School, hold the lowest rating of a two out of ten.

Often, it’s the students who help the ratings of the schools. Along with the good hard working students, are the students who don’t take their education seriously? It’s rather a shame, and that is why the elementary schools and middle schools are holding higher ratings. From experience, I noticed a lot of high school students in many different cities, get mixed up with the wrong crowd. The school district does their best to give the students the quality of education that they need. If parents want to help the schools and the children receive a quality or education, they need to consider working together with the school district to come up with more inviting learning ideas for the students. As with most school districts, the schools in Stockbridge offer the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) in which all parents are welcome to come voice opinions on how to make Stockton a better place to learn.

More often than not children are bored or the material and the way it is being taught in schools, which can affect the test scores and the schools rating a great deal. Stockbridge has a great community and possibly with a little more involvement with parents, teachers and the rest of the community, the school ratings could be rose. As noticed, the elementary schools and the middle schools have higher grade, with the middle schools being slightly lower than the primary schools. Seems as it Stockbridge is just having lower scores as the children progress into higher grades. With a little involvement, Stockbridge may have the potential to increase school ratings and teach a better education.