FC Dallas takes over Reunion Tower for the “Reunion Kit” launch

FC Dallas takes over Reunion Tower for the “Reunion Kit” launch

FC Dallas takes over Reunion Tower for the “Reunion Kit” launch

FC Dallas took over the city’s iconic Reunion Tower to launch their new secondary jersey, dubbed the "Reunion Kit". The event saw three hundred FC Dallas season ticket holders with perfect attendance from the 2018 season receive a free jersey from team President, Dan Hunt, and gave a chance to look out over the city with complimentary food and beverages as the landmark lit up in the team’s red, white and blue.

The season ticket holders who qualified for the free jersey received a replica version, which can be upgraded to the player-spec authentic version at the FC Dallas team store. The club also gave out the Lamar Hunt sleeve patch to attendees to have placed on the replica jersey – something that is typically omitted from the lower tier version.

In addition to Hunt, new head coach Luchi Gonzalez arrived from an afternoon training session in Frisco to help with handing out jerseys, and also met with leadership for the club’s two supporters’ groups, the Dallas Beer Guardians and El Matador.

Despite a mixed reaction online, the feedback at the event was overwhelmingly positive for a jersey that certainly looked better in the flesh with clean lines and strong blue and red accents.

"I love the diagonal lines," said FC Dallas fan Rob Szczepankowski "I love the Texas flag and the way that they tied Texas into it. I love how clean it looks, it’s a very clean kit. I’m happy and I can say that for the first time in at least five or six jersey reveals."

With the previous three jerseys carrying a specific local theme, Dan Hunt did confirm that all jerseys going forward will continue carrying the themes of celebrating Texas and the North Texas area. The FC Dallas President also pointed out that although the kit shown was all white, there are options to make it look a little different from the other all-white kits that have become the trend in Major League Soccer.

"Blue shorts could be a possibility," said Hunt. "I personally hope we wear the blue shorts with the white jersey. That’s something I would like to see us do, and probably wear a blue sock…"

"It really falls on the head coach and what he wants to wear. It’s not my decision in the end. Oscar [Pareja] was incredibly superstitious in uniforms, knowing Luchi he’ll want to add a pop of color to the uniform. That’s just who he is, he loves music and art so much. The one thing I’m not going to let happen is one red sock and blue sock with a white uniform!"

One of the popular features of the event was the three gimmick jerseys used to prank players in a video that has been shared by outlets around the world. Head coach Luchi Gonzalez was just happy not to be one of the victims of FC Dallas’ media team.

"The video was really funny with the jersey options and [the players] reacting to that. I had my laugh and I’m glad they didn’t prank me on it. I might have been more blunt!"

"The taco one would not go well. The players need to be proud of what they’re playing in and I think the new jersey fits that."

The taco jersey did win a fan vote on Twitter that could see a limited number being produced for sale later in the year.

The personal touch of Hunt and Gonzalez meeting fans resonated well with the season ticket holders and was commendable.

"Getting a jersey from Dan Hunt means a lot," said Szczepankowski. "For him to say thank you is definitely something that I wasn’t expecting and it’s nice to know that contrary to what we may think sometimes about the man, the man does care about FC Dallas and us, the fans. That means a lot."

The Reunion Jersey is available online, at the team store or Soccer 90 in Frisco. The replica is priced at $84.99 and the authentic version sells for $119.99. Fans will be able to see the jersey worn by players for the first time at the annual Cocktails and Cleats event for the FC Dallas Foundation.


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