Which is better: to buy or to rent? Many people are faced with the challenge of whether they are ready to buy a house or if they should continue renting. Several factors weigh in when making a decision; cost, location, size, distance from school or work, and the school district ratings and quality of education, as well as many others. Currently, the nation average for rent is $889 per month while looking

for an apartment in Stockbridge GA; the average monthly rent is approximately $1,042 per month.

Now considering that is quite a bit of money per month for rent. Would it be cheaper to purchase a house instead? Now the $1,042 is just a city average. There are seven factors that weigh in on how much will be charged each month for rent including size, location, age, style, interior, school district and more. The question is, can you really afford the monthly rent with the income you or you and your family bring in each month. With renting a lot of time the minor utilities such as sewer, water and garbage may be included in the rent, however, you are responsible for the necessary utilities such as electric and gas. Along with the essential services, what other obligations do you have? Car payment? Insurance? Phone? Internet? And then you’re weekly spending on things such as gas, groceries, medical bills, etc. That can add up to be quite a lot of some people.

So let’s look at the facts about renting and purchasing a home. Some questions you may want to ask yourself include: Do you plan on staying in the area for an extended period? Do you have job security? Would you wish to raise a family here? Is the school district up to your standards for your children, if you already have kids or you may plan to have children? If you answered yes to these questions purchasing, a house would be more beneficial for you. A lot of time, the mortgage payment for a house is a lot cheaper than the monthly rent for an apartment in Stockbridge Ga. With your monthly mortgage payment, usually taxes and homeowners insurance are included as well.

Now if you answered no to those questions, you would probably want to rent an apartment in Stockbridge GA as you will not be forced to stay in the area and you can leave when your monthly lease is up, or if you have worked it out with the landlord. Now with purchasing a home, it is yours, you can upgrade what you want, paint the rooms, build more rooms, etc. The house belongs to you. You can make it feel a little more like home being able to put your touch on things, when renting you cannot make drastic changes to the place as you do not own it. It can just feel as if you are in a temporary place until you find that perfect location, with that perfect dream home. Stockbridge, has a lot to offer whether short term or long term. They are close to major tourist attractions, the history is rich and knowledgeable, and the school district teaches their best possible quality of education as well. Look at your options, find out which one is better for you. Which one will meet your budget, and which one will make you and your family happy?