When a person is considering relocation, there are numerous facts they look into when searching for apartment in stockbridge ga. Schools are an important factor to consider. Stockbridge has various public schools available to enrollment as well as ratings for each school.

Whether the person looking to move to Stockbridge has children or plans on starting a family, parents and potential parents want to know about the school districts and quality of education their children will receive.

With numerous choices to choose from, the city rating of the school can help to decide which schools would be best for the children. Lorraine Elementary School, Pate’s Creek Elementary school, and Woodland Elementary school, are all rated a nine out of ten. While Pate’s Creek Elementary School and Woodland Elementary School offer Pre-K through fifth grade, Lorraine Elementary School offers kindergarten through fifth grade, no Pre-K.

For middle schools, Woodland Middle School and General Ray Davis Middle School rank eight out of ten, with both school teaching sixth through eighth grades. However, the high schools in Stockbridge have lower rating; some still offer an exceptional quality of education. Woodland High School is the highest ranking with a six out of ten rating, it is followed by Stockbridge High School with a four out of ten rating, and lastly Patrick Henry High School, hold the lowest rating of a two out of ten.

Often, it’s the students who help the ratings of the schools. Along with the good hard working students, are the students who don’t take their education seriously? It’s rather a shame, and that is why the elementary schools and middle schools are holding higher ratings. From experience, I noticed a lot of high school students in many different cities, get mixed up with the wrong crowd. The school district does their best to give the students the quality of education that they need. If parents want to help the schools and the children receive a quality or education, they need to consider working together with the school district to come up with more inviting learning ideas for the students. As with most school districts, the schools in Stockbridge offer the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) in which all parents are welcome to come voice opinions on how to make Stockton a better place to learn.

More often than not children are bored or the material and the way it is being taught in schools, which can affect the test scores and the schools rating a great deal. Stockbridge has a great community and possibly with a little more involvement with parents, teachers and the rest of the community, the school ratings could be rose. As noticed, the elementary schools and the middle schools have higher grade, with the middle schools being slightly lower than the primary schools. Seems as it Stockbridge is just having lower scores as the children progress into higher grades. With a little involvement, Stockbridge may have the potential to increase school ratings and teach a better education.