Exploring apartments in Stockbridge within Georgia, some interesting facts about the history or the city were surfaced. It is said that Stockbridge was named after, Professor Stockbridge, a Yankee school teacher, no one knew Professor Stockbridge’s first name.

However, in May of 1992, the mayor of Stockbridge received a letter from a young man claiming that his great-great grandfather Levi was believed to be the Yankee Professor that Stockbridge was named after. Although there is no set evidence that Levi Stockbridge was the mysterious Yankee Professor that the city was named after, the dates and information fit the timeline.

The Stockbridge was granted a United States Post Office in 1847, with evidence of settlement as early as 1829. Stockbridge, GA officially becomes incorporated as a town in 1895, and twenty-five years later, in 1920 Stockbridge officially was incorporated as a city.

The Stockbridge, GA was also home to Mr. Martin Luther King Sr. Mr. King was born and raised in Stockbridge. Once he met his wife, he was encouraged to better his education and later went on to become a Baptist Pastor, a Missionary, and involved as an early leader in the American Civil Rights Movement. Mr. King and his wife then started a family of their own. You may better know one of Mr. King’s sons, Martin Luther King Jr or MLK. Although Martin Luther King Jr. is more widely recognized for his speech and involvement with the equality of races, Mr. King Sr. played an enormous role in the American Civil Rights Movement and the teaching and raising his son Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated and all but one daughter on Mr. King Sr.’s family has all passed away.

Joseph “Joey” Clanton; an American Stock Car Driver, Max Gresham; also an American Stock Car Driver, and Ricky Sanders; another American Stock Car Driver, all have roots in Stockbridge, GA. All three have raced in some NASCAR series race, with Max Gresham, and Ricky Sanders have run in the Nascar Truck Series.

And lastly for the NFL (National Football League) fans, in particular, the Seattle Seahawks, Number 51, outside linebacker, Bruce Irvin was born and raised in Stockbridge, GA. Stockbridge was home to many people who made history, or those famous for sports, movies or musicians. Stockton is a humble town, with a rich history and great communities. Stockbridge is located and known as “The Gate to Henry County,” and is conveniently located 20 miles from Atlanta, the state’s capital. Georgia is a great state to live in with the mild weather, tourist attractions, and close to sandy beaches. Stockbridge is full of rich history and knowledge for the entire family. There are several historical and beautiful apartments in Stockbridge Georgia. Whether you are looking for the deep rich history and community or you are looking for a quiet collective place to live, within miles of the state capital and the exciting nightlife. Stockbridge is ideal for raising a family.